The 5 Best North Yorkshire Walks

If there’s anything God’s own county has to offer, it’s the luscious scenery to take in on a good walk. We’ve picked our favourite North Yorkshire Walks from North Stainley and beyond. 

Brimham Rocks 

Feel like throwing yourself in at the deep end? Take on the challenge of the Brimham Rocks, which are yours to scale (at your own risk!) just 13 miles from North Stainley. Make your own way around these stunning rock formations or take a 90-minute guided tour and see where history will take you. The view of the Moors is a sight to behold – especially from atop a 300-million-year-old rock formation. 

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Difficulty: medium/hard depending on whether you scale the rocks. 

North Stainley Village Walk 

For a more local hike, this 5.25-mile route starts at The Staveley Arms and is perfect for dog walkers. The route goes through East Tanfield Medieval Village with 15th Century towers, as well as civil war monuments. Bring sensible shoes, a camera, and a water bowl if you are hiking with a pooch in tow. 

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Difficulty: medium – some uneven surfaces. 

West Tanfield and North Stainley 

This simple 8-mile route is ideal for casual walkers who don’t want to take on difficult terrains – but walking shoes are always recommended. The circular course takes walkers through some of West Tanfield and North Stainley’s most picturesque sights, stopping off at villages along the way. Like the North Stainley Village Walk, you’ll get the chance to see the Marmion Tower, plus local wildlife in stunning ponds. 

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Difficulty: easy – no more than 670ft elevation. 

The Ripon Rowel 

Covering the entirety of the Lower Ure Valley, the Ripon Rowel is certainly one of the more challenging North Yorkshire walks. As the name suggests, it starts from the city of Ripon and follows public paths, with stunning sights along the way. Take your camera for views of the Druids’ Temple and Fountains Abbey to name but two. 

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Difficulty: hard – 49 miles! 

Aysgarth Falls 

You’ll cover more miles by car than foot on this one if you’re travelling from North Stainley! But easy though it may be, the Aysgarth Falls walk is no less beautiful. Explore waterfalls in this four-mile route, with nearby civilisation in the village of Carperby and views of the Yorkshire Dales. 

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Difficulty: easy – just four miles. 

When you’re done with your day’s trekking, don’t forget to stop in at The Staveley Arms for a bite to eat and rest your head! 

The 5 Best North Yorkshire Walks